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Feedback is critical for continuous improvement

We asked some of our colleagues, clients and friends for their candid feedback. These are “real people”  (check out their LinkedIn profiles) .

Real people offering candid feedback.

Very interesting introduction. I want to learn more, the material is given in a very popular way which encourages to dig deeper into the other courses.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a way so accessible to everyone.

The quiz is really well mounted and allows us to check our level of knowledge. I encourage everyone to play it.

Really well done and fun!

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Brigitte Brunelle

During my time off, I try to improve my understanding of current e-learning capabilities in the industry and how effective they are.

I found courses very appealing and informative; clearly developed and designed by SMEs and experienced practitioners and not just by online learning experts!

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Basil Alshaer

Very interesting.

Useful training delivered in an applicable method and high quality.

I really like that and will continue with such training.

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Babak Abbasabadi

We used to work with Sonni on one of the Revalidation HAZOP project, so he was leading the study and I was attending as a process safety engineer from client company as well as potential a HAZOP chair.

I lead a few sessions under Sonni’s supervision and he supported me in those first steps.

He shared with me his experience and knowledge on how to manage a team of different individuals, how to stress on the most important aspects, how to stay within time limits maintaining good quality.

Currently myself I am a HAZOP and LOPA chair but always consider Sonni as my first mentor.

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Irada Neymatova

Sonni is a very approachable person with an ability to empathise and offer realistic, relevant advice and support.

He has given me some valuable life skills advice over the years.

He has shown me how to achieve things that I often doubted impossible.

His personal coaching technique is effective, refreshing and motivating.

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Carl Lamb

My first impressions of Sonni whilst working together in Azerbaijan, was that he portrayed a strong sense of the importance/ understanding ‘Emotional Intelligence’ of his fellow workers.

In a highly technical & demanding working environment with challenging milestones, people are exposed to ongoing high levels of stress across all levels of the organisation.

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Marty Hewitt

When it came to capitalising on digital media to spread my vision on “actively caring for people”, Sonni provided me guidance, expertise and supportive leadership with regard to spreading the message.

Thank you Sonni…

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Scott Geller