About Me

My Background, Expertise & Motivation.

I’m Sonni Gopal

During the early stages in my career, I suffered a serious injury in the workplace. Never want this to happen to anyone and this is what inspires and motivates me for “saferworking”. 

I am passionate about mentoring and sharing expertise.

I regularly present at conferences and share my knowledge via blog-posts and videos.

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Risk Assessments




“For safety objectives to be successful, they have to be meaningful, manageable and most importantly sustainable.”

My Skills

I offer my safety expertise, mentoring and support to individuals, big & small companies on an international level. I regularly post articles and videos on safety matters. 

IIRSM NE & Cumbria Inaugural Branch Meeting (2019)

Big thank you to Glenn Ridsdale for allowing me to present “Safety in Colour”.

Safety in Colour Presentation (2019)

My talk at the IIRSM (NE & Cumbria inaugural meeting) was about “Safety in Colour”.

How we can use colour to articulate key safety messages across diverse cultures and values. 

Hosting the Q&A Panel (2019)

My thanks to IIRSM (NE & Cumbria Branch) for a superb conference.

Process Safety Management Training (2017)

Delivering my 3-day training programme in Process Safety Management for Operations Managers and Engineers.

Process Safety Management Workshop (2017)

Hosting a workshop as part of the 3-day training programme in Process Safety Management with Operations Managers and Engineers.

Process Safety Management Q&A (2017)

Q&A Session with specific aspects regarding safety improvement programmes.

ISO14001 Certification - World First (2001)

This was a “World First” certification of an EPCC Project for ISO14001 (Environmental Standard). The In Salah Gas project was a JV between BP and Sonatrach. 

Even got my name mentioned in Wikipedia!!

Risk Assessment Seminar (1999)

Way back in 1999, I did this Risk Assessment Seminar for the Dubai Quality Group!!! 

A very select group of Individuals. It was an honour.

HAZOP Masterclass Workshop (1999)

An intensive 2-day HAZOP Workshop held in Dubai, 1999.

It was so intense, the newspapers turned up and reported the event!

My experience profile:

  • Developing Policies + Procedures + Strategy
  • Safety Culture Development
  • Management Systems
  • Risk Identification + Assessment + Management
  • Accident + Incident Investigation
  • Training
  • Auditing + Governance

I’m passionate about making safety meaningful and not driven by statistics or checklists.